4-Week Fitness Challenge – February 28th

4-Week “Boot Camp” Fitness Challenge – Starts Tuesday, February 28th @6pm!


How to get started:

Step 1: Come in for our FREE Interview / First Workout. This will allow you to see the gym, meet our coaches, do a workout, and see if this Challenge will be a good fit for you.

Dates & Times for Interview / First Workout:
Tuesday, February 21st 6pm
Saturday, February 25th 10am

Reserve your Interview / First Workout time HERE

Step 2:  If you feel the Challenge is a good fit for you, we will sign you up and save your spot for the “Boot Camp” Fitness Challenge that will start on Tuesday, February 28th at 6pm

Cost: $140
This includes 3x/week of training and our nutrition seminar & 1-weeks worth of meal plans.

Training times:
Tuesday 6pm
Thursday 6pm
Saturday 8am

Who we are looking for:

  • You don’t need to come in with any experience in the gym. Our program is designed for all abilities and we love beginners!
  • Fully commit to the entire length of the program. There will be difficult workouts and challenges. We want participants who will see it through to the end!
  • Be disciplined enough to apply the nutrition knowledge. the program does not work without consistency and effort. You will see results as long as you follow the plan.
  • Understand that all transformations are welcome. This challenge won’t be solely about losing weight, and everyone may come in with a different goal on mind. That’s what makes the class unique!
  • Have respect for the coaches and rules of the gym.

Our Coaches:


Orion Tulchin
Growing up in the foothills of Colorado my passion for the outdoors began at an early age. My interest in fitness stemmed from my active childhood which would lead me to starting strength training at the age of 13. At the time I would have never guessed that I was embarking on a life long journey that would eventually lead to owning a gym and helping more then 1000 people regain their health and fitness.


Chrissy Tulchin
I’m a native to Colorado and lover of the outdoors. I love to hike, bike, camp, snowboard and exercise with my dog Oscar!
Coaching fitness has been my career for over a decade now. I’ve built my life around helping the average Joe/Jane discover their very own “golden mean” (or perfect balance) of how to accomplish goals and “find their fitness,” a phrase that is widely relative to every person I’ve ever spent time with. I been around long enough to have seen a lot of the ups and downs, the rises and falls, the crashes, the fads, the booms and the busts of the fitness industry.

Questions? Contact us:


Our address:
7175 W. 16th Ave
Lakewood, CO 80214